Fibrex® Material

When deciding what windows to use in an upgrade for your home, there are several materials to choose from. However, only one can exude expectations of durability and sustainability – Fibrex®.

Renewal by Andersen can provide installation services for custom-fit windows made with quality Fibrex® material. Together, we can help you experience the Fibrex® difference for your windows.

What Is Fibrex®?

Fibrex® is made of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer, making it eco-friendly and durable. This composite window material is highly regarded by the building industry and its customers due to its low maintenance and insulating qualities. In short, this combination amplifies the pros of wood and vinyl windows without any of the cons.

Advantages of Using Fibrex®

Fibrex® is a revolutionary material full of several benefits for your home. Specifically, Fibrex® is:

  • Durable: Because of its unique material, Fibrex® is strong and resistant to even the most extreme elements. Since it does not expand or contract with changing temperatures, it will not fade, crack, warp or rot, lasting much longer than other materials.
  • Sustainable: Fibrex® is eco-friendly, made from reclaimed materials, such as wood or vinyl windows found in landfills. When manufactured, any waste is used in the next production cycle. This material is also energy-efficient, keeping your house comfortable. 
  • Adaptable: Unlike other windows, which are rigid in structure, Fibrex® windows fit any shape, allowing additional fits beyond straight lines. We can craft these windows to fit the space with a tight seal – no drafts present.
  • Dependable: Fibrex® windows can last many years, and even their colors can withstand the test of time. This is because this material uses a fabrication process to blend the pigment with Fibrex® in the manufacturing process instead of merely being painted.

Fibrex® vs. Other Window Materials

Fibrex® windows stand out compared to the commonly used wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum. Here’s a closer look at the specifics of each:

  • Wood: Wood is an inexpensive window option but is often susceptible to rotting, warping and harboring pests. Frequent maintenance is also important to keep it looking nice. Fibrex® is solid and stable with low maintenance needs.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a prevalent window material but is known for expanding and contracting, breaking its seal. Aesthetics-wise, the frame of vinyl windows can be thicker, taking up much of the glass. Fibrex® material is adaptable to weather and provides thinner frames, letting more light in.
  • Fiberglass: Over the years, fiberglass windows have become more durable but also more rigid. Unlike Fibrex®, which is flexible, fiberglass is limited to straight lines, making installation difficult.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is often found in more modern homes but commonly does not hold heat, making it the least energy-efficient. Fibrex® offers quality insulation, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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