Window Condensation: Winter vs. Summer Season

Autumn and winter bring about cold weather and noticeable shifts in temperature. The significantly low outdoor temperature, particularly during winter solstice, results in condensation, forming droplets of water on window panes and frames and even door replacement units. But what happens when window condensation occurs during summer months? Is it a sign that something is wrong with your component? In this article, we will shed light on the particular issue.

What Are Summer and Winter Condensation?

Condensation can form in both warm and cold weather. The key difference between condensation during summer and winter months is where the water droplets appear. In hot and humid conditions, condensation is visible on the outside surface of windows whereas in chilly weather, condensation appears on the inside of windows.

While there are no alarming risks with summer condensation, the same thing cannot be said for winter. When water forms inside your windows or gliding patio doors, it can result in the growth of mold and mildew, among other issues.

What Causes Condensation?

Excessive moisture content in the air is the primary cause of condensation—which typically materializes on cold surfaces, particularly the windows, inside the home. This occurs when there is a great difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. In extreme cases, significantly high indoor humidity can lead to persisting condensation at the edges of the panes, leading to moisture problems such as peeling paint, patches of mildew, and eventually rotting.

Solutions to Window Condensation

The best thing to do to combat humidity in winter is to effectively ventilate the room. However, to prevent moisture-related issues during the summer, you might have to consider switching to new, energy efficient windows. Exterior condensation on energy efficient windows or hinged patio doors is expected because it means your system is not allowing heat to leak inside your living space. Insulated glass and double-pane are the common replacement unit features you should look for.

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