Why Remove Window Screens During Winter?

Window screens can be detrimental to windows and doors when winter arrives. In this post, Renewal by Andersen®, one of the best window contractors in your area, lists the benefits of removing window screens during the cold season.

Reduces Snow Buildup

Window screens will trap snow and ice, causing strain on their frames and hinges. You can prevent the buildup of snow on your window screen by removing it and keeping your windows closed to keep internal temperatures stable.

Get More Light Indoors

Winters typically have less sunlight than spring and summer. To get more sunlight into your rooms, remove your window screens. Removing window screens avoids snow buildup on the screen and lets plenty of light indoors during the day. Do the same to your replacement patio doors to maximize indoor light during winter daytimes.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Damage

Sub-zero temperatures during winter can cause damage to windows. The snow buildup on the screen will soon melt and expose your window frame and hinges to moisture when temperatures get higher. Removing window screens prevents the buildup from happening.

Improve Visual Appeal

Removing window screens can also enhance your home’s overall aesthetic and prevents damage to your windows and doors. Without window screens, the windows can look cleaner and more modern. If you want to improve your window’s visual appeal further, ask a local window contractor for excellent replacements.

Every homeowner wants durable, winter-resistant and long-lasting windows, so turn to the best in the industry. Renewal by Andersen is a reputable window manufacturer and specialist in replacement windows installations and replacements. We offer excellent window products like Fibrex®, Low-E4®, PassiveSun® and more. Call us today at (206) 775-7533 or fill out this contact form to get a free quote. We proudly serve homes.

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