Which Window Styles Can Increase Your Home’s Ventilation?

Many people know that windows can increase their property’s appeal and illuminate their living spaces. But besides appeal, you must consider the functionality of your new windows, too. Choosing the right styles can help keep your home comfortable no matter the season. They can improve your ventilation and even help keep the air you breathe indoors as clean as possible.

Here are window styles that can help improve your home’s ventilation.


The way casement windows open gives you nearly total control over ventilation. They hinge on one side and swing outward to open. You can partially open them for some light breeze or completely open them to allow fresh air during summer. Another wonderful thing about these windows is that they can capture side breezes. Their seals tighten when it’s cold outside, minimizing the risk of air leaks and energy loss.

Bay and Bow Windows

You need sufficient space in your home for bay and bow windows. Bay windows have three windows laid out as one unit. They usually have one stationary unit in the middle and two smaller operable windows on both sides. On the other hand, bow windows have at least three windows organized in an arc. Bay and bow windows can catch breezes from two directions or more, which isn’t possible with other styles.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung is one of the most popular window styles in residential structures. They elevate the look of classic homes, bring in natural light and improve airflow. These windows have upper and lower sashes that you can open. Cool air enters through the bottom, and warm, humid air escapes from the top. Consider double-hung windows in parts of your home where space is an issue.

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