Unlearn These Outdated Window Habits Now

A lot of the habits people have surrounding windows can be traced back to the way older homes worked. For example, covering up your double-hung windows and leaving them shut is a good idea to help mitigate heat losses during colder months. Alternatively, opening the windows up during the summer can be a good way to regulate indoor temperatures.

These habits worked well in the past but, as technology has changed the way modern replacement windows work, some of these age-old tips and tricks no longer apply. In fact, quite a few of them might even be harmful. Here are some bad window habits our experts at Renewal by Andersen® believe you should unlearn right away.

Cover Down or Cover-Up?

Most modern window replacement products are built with more than one pane of glass. These double- or sometimes, triple-pane windows are designed to lessen condensation problems, especially during the winter. However, keeping them covered up with curtains, drapes, and other types of window treatments can actually trap moisture on the surface of these panes and pretty much nullify their anti-condensation abilities.

Low-E Coatings

There was once a time when homeowners had to choose between storm windows or energy-efficient windows with low-E coating. Today, however, you no longer have to make this choice as most storm windows can come with a low-E coating, making sure that your energy efficiency is improved or, at least unchanged, when upgrading.

Regular Maintenance

Certain styles like gliding windows require regular maintenance to ensure performance and smooth operation. Don’t fall into the dangerous habit of calling your window professionals only when problems are already occurring. If possible, you may also manually clear the tracks of your gliding, casement, and double-hung windows so the sashes don’t get stuck.

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