Top Signs Indicating Your Windows Weren’t Installed Right

Proper installation is essential to the longevity and performance of your replacement casement or double-hung windows. With this, you can expect them to operate easily and look beautiful inside and outside your home. Otherwise, you are looking at a wasted investment.

So how can you tell if your replacement windows are installed right? Continue reading to learn about the signs to look out for.

Excess Drafts

A properly measured replacement window should fit your home’s opening. Any misalignment can lead to gaps that allow drafts to enter your home and affect your indoor comfort. If not addressed right away, precipitation can seep through the walls and other areas of your home, resulting in mold growth and rot. Your newly installed window will have a shortened lifespan thanks to frame damage caused by moisture intrusion.

Difficulty Opening and Closing the Window

You know your gliding windows are installed the right way if you can open and close them without exerting extra effort. If they don’t budge when you try to close them or remain stuck and refuse to open, you have a problem that needs fixing immediately. Get in touch with the contractor in charge of the project, making sure that you do so while your windows are still under warranty.

Messy Caulking

Replacement windows should have an airtight seal during installation to protect your interior from the weather and keep your home comfortable. If you see patchy or uneven caulk applied on the top and side edges of the window, the installer could be cutting corners throughout the whole process.

Renewal by Andersen® offers high-quality replacement windows that are custom fit for each specific home. Not only that, but our window replacement professionals underwent countless hours of factory training to ensure every installation project we handle is precise and completed on time and within budget.

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