Tips on Choosing the Right Patio Door Hardware

When it comes to your patio door, don’t overlook the hardware. After all, the quality of your door greatly depends on the sum of its components. Once you decide whether to go hinged or gliding, focus your attention on your new door’s handle and other components.

As the top name in exterior door replacement, Renewal by Andersen® gives you a few tips on choosing your patio door hardware. We want homeowners to make sound choices, as we know these little details have a big impact on your door’s overall appeal and function.

Know Your Door

Understand the purpose of your new door. When you talk about sliding or hinged patio doors, style and safety should go hand in hand. As one of your home’s entryways, your patio door ideally should have multiple locks for maximum security. Don’t rely solely on just its knob or latch lock.

Apart from your lock’s technology, you should put equal weight on sturdiness. Durability is synonymous with reliability.

Consider Aesthetics

The frame and the glass may dominate your patio door’s visual appeal, but the beauty is in the detail. More of often than not, the beauty of your hardware brings a positive impression.

Materials have unique charms, while finishes produce different characters. With your home’s overall architecture in mind, choosing the right hardware style would be the missing piece in your lovely exterior design.

Maintenance Requirements

Hinged and gliding patio doors require little maintenance, but when needed, you need to do it right. If you don’t, you risk damaging your fixtures. Before finalizing your choice, understand the hardware’s upkeep requirements.

Renewal by Andersen offers you a huge array of hardware options to make sure your patio doors are as functional as they are attractive. From different handle styles to quality finishes, we can help make sure your door stands out. Call us now at (206) 775-7533, and let’s talk about your door project.

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