The Best Ways to Increase Natural Lighting in Your Home

Natural light makes any space feel more inviting and pleasant, and it can also boost your mood! The best way to bring more natural light into your home is to add more windows. It’s important to work with a professional window replacement contractor, as they can provide effective solutions to help you achieve your goal of more natural lighting.

Determine Which Areas Need More Light

The north side of your home will likely get more consistent sunlight throughout the day. However, almost any area in your home can get adequate sunshine with the right type of window installed. Adding a skylight in your kitchen or bath can make a big difference. If this isn’t possible, you can also consider enlarging the existing windows.

Determine Where the Sun Rises and Sets

Skylights or gliding windows that are installed on the north side of your home can give you a soft, diffused light throughout the day. However, it won’t always be as bright as direct sunlight. If you have skylights installed south-facing parts of the home, you need to make sure they have high-performance glass to avoid overheating. Look for skylights with a gray- or bronze-tinted glass to block the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is also important if you want to prevent your wooden furniture from the bleaching effects of direct sunlight.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Skylights

Skylights are great additions to any area of your home that needs them, including kitchens and bathrooms. But skylights aren’t your only option to bring in more sunlight–sun tubes or tunnels can work well in certain areas too. These are perfect to install in the middle of a structure such as a hallway, and they’re also great for smaller spaces in your home. You might even consider adding windows in places that naturally catch the low-angled rays of the sun during winter!

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