The Best Ways to Bring More Natural Light Indoors

While there’s always a need for artificial lighting in your home, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on it all the time. Natural light offers several benefits, such as boosting your overall productivity and improved energy efficiency in your home. With a few tips and tricks, you get to enjoy a rich, full-spectrum hue that you won’t find with any artificial lighting fixture. Here’s what you need to do:

Trim Overgrown Landscaping

If you have shrubs or branches near your windows, they might prevent natural light from coming into your home. If they’re starting to block your view and the natural sunlight, make sure to give them a proper trim. Not only will you let in more natural light, but you’ll also keep moisture from accumulated in your home exteriors. This must also be done occasionally throughout the year, as overgrown landscaping can become too expensive to trim and even damage your home during bad weather.

Upgrade to Bigger Windows and Skylights

Another way to let in more natural light indoors is by adding skylights to your hallways. Upgrading to bigger windows is also effective, and you can consider adding one in your kitchen or bathroom to let in more natural light. With the right placement, they can provide more consistent natural light since they’re less likely to be blocked or shadowed by outdoor objects. Just make sure that you work with trusted window contractors to ensure a successful installation.

Consider Soft and Lighter Interior Colors

If you’re planning to update the color palette of your home interiors, consider white and other light colors for your walls and ceilings. They reflect about 80% to 90% of natural light, which means the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) increases up to 100%! And although it’s the brightest color in the spectrum, you don’t have to use pure white in your interior design. You may choose other shades of white or other light colors and still benefit from having more natural light indoors!

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