Signs Your Old Window’s Seals Have Failed

Window seals are a pivotal part of your window structure, typically placed between the window panes to create a vacuum- or gas-filled space. They play a crucial role in maintaining your home’s temperature, keeping the warmth in during chilly, winters and the heat out during the warm summer months. They also prevent moisture from seeping into your home.

But what happens if your window seals are damaged? To learn more, Renewal by Andersen® provides an overview in this post.

Signs of Window Seal Failure

One of the most common signs of window seal failure is condensation between window panes. If your windows are foggy or frosty, this likely means your window seals are damaged. Cloudy or distorted window glass may also indicate seal failure.

As a deteriorating seal fails to insulate your home, it lets in outside air, leading to cold winter drafts and summer warmth. If you feel a cold breeze even when the window is fully closed, you may have a real problem. This increased workload on your heating or cooling systems results in higher energy bills.

Why You Should Never Ignore Damaged Window Seals

Ignoring failed window seals can lead to numerous problems. For starters, there’s an increase in energy costs: you’ll find your heating and cooling system working overtime to maintain your home’s temperature. Additionally, moisture from faulty window seals can cause damage to your home interior, including warped window sills and mold.

Moreover, it can significantly decrease your home’s comfort level, with drafts and temperature fluctuations making your living space less cozy.

Replace Your Old Windows

If you think your windows may have damaged seals, turn to Renewal by Andersen! Our replacement windows are designed to last, featuring our patented Fibrex® material that withstands everyday wear and tear and offers 35+ years of superior strength and performance.

For a consultation, call us today at (206) 775-7533, or visit our contact page to explore your options. We serve nearby areas. Whether you need a window or door replacement, you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands.

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