Pointers on Finding the Right Window Size

Are you putting enough thought into how big or wide your new windows will be for your next project? According to our team of window replacement experts, picking the right size is the secret to getting a lot of value out of your new windows so here are a few pointers from our team of experts to help you get started.

Leave Space Between the Window and Ceiling

While there are no restrictions on how close your window frame’s top edge is to the ceiling, keep in mind that you still need to leave some space above your windows. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble working in window treatments like blinds or curtains later on. On the other hand, setting it too low can limit the amount of light your window can get during the daytime.

Mind the Sill Height

If you’re getting operable windows like double-hung windows, you need to be aware of the minimum elevation. All operable windows must have sills no lower than 24 inches (2 feet) from the floor. This means you can leave out larger window options that would force you to go below that threshold.

Orientation Matters

Because the windows’ size has an effect on lighting and heat exposure, you have to consider where your new windows will be installed. South-facing windows have to be big enough to provide you plenty of light and warmth during winter, while north-facing windows have to be smaller to keep your home cool during summers.

Don’t Forget Insulation

Thinking of adding big gliding windows to a living room? You may have to check your home’s current insulation before going ahead. Homes with thick walls and good insulation can afford to have bigger windows because they do a better job of keeping indoor temperatures consistent. Otherwise, you’ll have to go for smaller windows that have a lesser effect on your home’s temps, especially during extremely hot or cold days.

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