Part 3: There’s a Door for Every Room: Finding the Right One for You

Doors for Private Areas

Although bathrooms and bedrooms both require more privacy than other areas of your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use the same door for both rooms. Despite their similarities, bathrooms and bedrooms still have different requirements you should keep in mind. Take these differences into account to ensure you get the right door replacement for your bathroom or bedroom.

Area: Bathrooms

Best Options: Stainless steel metal doors, vinyl frame doors

For your bathroom you have to take into account the level of humidity that your bathroom produces, choosing a door in a material that will be able to withstand constant exposure to moisture. This means wood is not a good idea. You won’t need top-of-the-line locks for your bathroom door (as it wouldn’t need to offer the same level of security as an entry door) but you should still have one that offers enough security to prevent people from accidentally entering while the bathroom is in use. Consider privacy locks — they can be locked from the inside with a turn or push of a button but, in case of emergencies, can be unlocked from the outside.

Area: Bedrooms

Best Option: Solid wood doors, composite doors

Although bedrooms require a little less privacy than the bathroom, a bedroom still shouldn’t be visible from the outside when the door is closed. There’s no need to worry about moisture damage but noise coming in from the outside can interfere with a peaceful night’s sleep so it’s a good idea to get a bedroom door with ample sound-nullifying capabilities. Wood and composite doors are excellent options because not only are they stylish and low maintenance, but they are also capable of significantly reducing noise levels compared to other door materials. Privacy locks are also great in bedroom doors.

That’s it for our three-part blog series on door options. For assistance, don’t hesitate to call your local contractor. Good luck with your project!

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