Part 2: There’s a Door for Every Room: Finding the Right One for You

Doors for Busy Areas

Main entrances, kitchens and living rooms see way more activity than other parts in homes. What kind of doors would work great in these areas? Let’s take a look to find out.

Area: Main and side entrances

Best Options: Entry doors, patio doors

As primary points of entry into your home, main and side entrance doors have to be durable. Durability is important because you’ll rely on them to keep your home secure. No number of locks will be enough if your entry door is not strong enough to thwart break ins. Selecting a durable entry door will also ensure that it stands up to whatever the elements may bring, retaining their appearance to ensure curb appeal for your home.

Area: Kitchens

Best Options: Screen doors, swing doors, lightweight metal doors

Kitchens are usually connected to dining areas so kitchen doors should provide quick, easy access to the latter, making it convenient to bring food from the stove to the table. Privacy is not a big issue in the kitchen (in fact, ensuring the room can be viewed from the other side of a door is ideal) so instead focus on fortifying your kitchen door against the threat of fire and spills. Opting for heat-resistant and non-porous materials is a good way to go. To offer viewing access, consider kitchen doors with glass. Just how much viewing access you want will determine just how much glass a kitchen door should have.

Area: Living Rooms, Patios

Best Options: French doors

Living rooms and patios are central to activities in homes so it’s important to offer easy access to these areas. To separate your living room from others without completely detaching it, opt for an interior door with a lot of glass. Glass doors are excellent in keeping rooms separate without severing connections to each other because they let light in. This concept also applies to patio doors. French doors, for instance, seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces while securing access into your home. To complement your interiors, make sure the living room/patio door you choose works well with decor inside your home.

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