How to Tell if Your Windows Need Replacing

Don’t postpone your window replacement project. Instead replace your leaking or drafty windows as soon as they start exhibiting the following signs:

1. You can hear noise even when the panes are closed
If you live in an area as that is busy, it’s important that your windows do a good job of keeping noise outside. Can you hear your neighbor’s music playing even when you’ve closed your windows? Then consider getting replacement windows with noise-reducing features.

Look at Renewal by Andersen’s high-performing windows. Our windows use double glazing and specialized coatings, which means that they’re much better heat and sound insulators compared with standard dual and single pane glass options.

2. You can spot physical damage on the units
Rotting can be caused by exposure to water and moisture, which means that your windows haven’t been doing a good job of keeping the elements out. If your windows are showing signs of decay, then you’re better off replacing them promptly.

Consider advanced composites like Fibrex® for better weather resistance. Fibrex is a Renewal by Andersen exclusive that matches the strength of wood. This cost-effective material resists rotting, cracking, and peeling, so it lasts longer while needing very little maintenance.

3. You’re not able to use the units properly
Difficult operation often indicates that your windows are past their prime or have been poorly installed. You don’t have to put up with or force sashes that won’t open or slide. You’re better off replacing them altogether.

Today’s replacement windows are designed for smoother operation. We often recommend casement or awning replacement window styles. These window designs feature easily reachable hand crank mechanisms that allow you to open and close windows even when a sink, counter, or tub is in the way.

So when should you replace your windows? If any of the problems mentioned are present, sooner is always better. Take advantage of Renewal by Andersen’s — your expert window contractors – latest promotional offer:

  • If you purchase two windows, you can get a third one at 60% off its original price
  • No down, no interest, no payments for 1 year
  • Optional free upgrade to SmartSun™ glass, which is the most energy-efficient glass option on our roster

This promotion is valid for a limited time only. Talk to one of our experts today for more details. No other window company offers a wider range of window styles, colors, and materials than Renewal by Andersen. We’re window replacement experts residents trust to help select and install the right windows for their homes. Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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