How to Measure Your Door for a Replacement

Are your home’s doors outdated, letting a draft in or sticking when you try to open or close them? You may need replacement doors to restore their functionality and improve their style. Taking measurements is the first step – that way, you can streamline the process when working with a professional installer. Having your numbers ready will help them determine the most accurate quote for your replacement door project.

In this article, we share steps for how to measure a door for a replacement. Whether you’re looking to update your entry, patio or French doors, we have you covered.

How to Measure a Front Door for a Replacement

Your entry doors impact your home’s curb appeal and security, and upgrading them can enhance both. Learn how to measure door size for replacement according to style:

How to Measure a Single-Entry Door

As you complete the following measurements, record each number for easy reference.

To measure a single-entry door, begin by measuring the size of the door panel. Find the width of the existing door from one side of the panel to the other. Then, measure the door panel from top to bottom.

After you have the height and width, open the door to measure its thickness. Next, measure the thickness of the door jamb. Use your measuring tape to determine the depth without including the trim.

You’ll take the door frame’s measurement next. Begin by measuring horizontally from one end of the trim to another to determine the frame’s width. Then, measure vertically from the top of the trim to the floor for its height.

How to Measure a Single-Entry Door With a Sidelight

If your single-entry door features a sidelight, you’ll take a slightly different approach to measuring. Keeping track of the door and sidelight’s numbers separately can benefit future reference.

Begin by measuring the door panel’s width from one edge to the other. Then, measure the sidelight’s width from the inside of the door jam to the sidelight’s outer edge. Find the door panel’s height by measuring from the top edge to the bottom, and measure the sidelight’s height from the top of the door jam to the ground.

Next, open the door to find its thickness from edge to edge. Then, measure the door jamb’s depth. Avoid measuring the trim. Lastly, measure the width and height of the entire door frame, including the sidelight.

How to Measure an Entry Door With Dual Sidelights

If your entry door features dual sidelights, measure the door panel’s width horizontally from edge to edge. Next, measure the door panel’s height vertically from top to bottom.

Measure each sidelight’s width. These numbers should be the same. Then, measure the width of the entire door frame, from the outer edges of both sidelights, and the height of the entire door frame, from top to bottom.

Open the door and measure the door jamb depth. Do not include the trim in this measurement. Measure the door panel’s thickness.

How to Measure Double-Entry Doors

When measuring double-entry doors, measure the width of the entire door frame inside your home and then measure its height. Do not include the door’s trim in these measurements.

Next, measure the width across both door panels instead of measuring both doors individually. Then, find the height of your double door, from the top to the bottom of the door panels.

Determine the thickness of the door panels. Then, finish measuring your double-entry doors by finding the door jamb width. Again, avoid including the trim around your doors in this measurement.

How to Measure a Patio Door for a Replacement

Whether you want to enhance energy efficiency, backyard aesthetics or security, upgrading your patio door can benefit your home and family. Check out how to measure common door styles for replacement below:

How to Measure Hinged Patio Doors

To measure hinged patio doors, determine the width of the entire door frame from opposite sides across both door panels. Then, measure the door frame’s height. Avoid including the door’s trim as you measure.

Next, measure the height of your door panels from top to bottom. Find the width across both panels. Then, open the doors and determine the thickness of the panels.

Finish measuring your hinged patio doors by finding the width of the door jamb. Once you have these measurements, you can work with a professional installer.

How to Measure a Sliding Glass Door

If your home features sliding patio doors, measure from outside for a slightly easier process.

Determine the width of both glass panels, measuring horizontally from the far edge of one panel to the far edge of the other. Then, measure the height of your patio doors from top to bottom of the door sill. Next, find the width of the door jamb. Do not include the thickness of any trim around the doors in this measurement.

Measuring the door’s tracks can also be advantageous. Record the length and width of the tracks from the inside of your home to the outside.

How to Measure French Doors for a Replacement

If you are replacing French doors at your home, measure the width across both door panels from the outer edges. You can also determine the width of each door panel individually and add the measurement together. Record this number.

Then, determine the height of the door panels from top to bottom. Next, find the width of the entire door frame without including any trim. Measure the height of the door frame from the ground to the top edge.

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