How to Match Window Trim to Your Interiors

A casing is a molding that goes around the window frame or door. It adds a finished look to your living space and is one of the most noticeable trims in a home, and yet, some homeowners may never think about the style and how well it matches to the interiors before it is installed.

In this article, hinged patio doors expert Renewal by Andersen® shares tips on how to make sure your window trim matches the rest of your interior space.

Emphasize Cohesion

It is important to take a good look at the overall interior design of your home, including the molding details, when choosing the window trim. This helps you ensure a cohesive and refined look that is pleasing to the eye.

A popular example is crown molding. This classic feature keeps the room joyful and finished without overwhelming it. Another thing to consider is the baseboard trim. It is often located at the points where the bases of your walls meet the flooring.

Maintain the Style

Keep the style of your window trim consistent with the architectural style of your home, including the door replacement and centerpiece table. A minimalistic casing blends well in modern spaces. A high-profile casing, on the other hand, is particularly fitting for traditional and Victorian homes. There are also low-profile casing options that are more utilitarian than decorative.

Consider the Color

An essential element to give thought to is the color scheme of your home furnishings. You can enhance the decorative appeal of your interior space by adding window trim that makes a statement. For example, an off-white or eggshell wall will pop up more if a pure white trim is laying against it. If you are feeling bold, consider playing with bright complementary colors such as orange and blue or green and red.

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