How to Keep Your Home Mess-Free During Window Replacement

Window replacement can be messy, allowing dust and debris to spread on your furniture and other belongings. That’s why you need to plan the best way to reduce or even avoid making a mess of your home during the project.

In this article, we share some effective ways to ensure a mess-free window replacement.

Close All the Doors

Your contractor will remove your old windows and dislodge plenty of dust and debris in the process. Close the doors to your bedrooms and other rooms to keep the dust in one area. Doing this also helps the contractor clean up the area faster.

Seal Off the Area

If you’re replacing bay windows or other large windows, be sure to seal off the area. You can hang drop sheets around the work area to prevent gaps. Most reliable contractors can seal off the area for you.

Use Exhausts and Outside-Facing Fans

Exhausts and outside-facing fans can blow the dust out of the work area. However, you can only do this during wind-free days. Strong winds can blow the dust back into your home along with other debris it picks up.

Remove Furniture and Accessories

You should remove pillows and bedsheets, lamps, computers and other items in the work area. If possible, remove the furniture and appliances as well. If not, you can use plastic or fabric to cover them and prevent dust from settling on their surfaces.

Cover the Vents

Close or cover the vents in the area where your contractor will be working. This way, you can prevent dust from infiltrating your HVAC system.

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