How to Choose the Best SHGC Rating for Your New Windows

If you’re considering new windows for your home, you might have come across the term solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). But what exactly does it mean and why should you care about it? In this blog post, Renewal by Andersen® explains the importance of SHGC ratings in window replacement so you can make informed decisions for your home.

What Are SHGC Ratings?

SHGC is one of the key factors impacting the energy efficiency of your windows. It measures how much solar radiation or sunlight a window allows into your home.

A higher SHGC rating means more heat enters your living spaces, which is usually ideal for colder climates. Meanwhile, a lower SHGC rating suggests less heat gets in, making it perfect for warmer climates.

Ideal SHGC Ratings

In areas that have warm summers and chilly winters, striking a balance is necessary. An appropriate SHGC rating can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

For instance, in colder months, a higher SHGC rating allows more warmth from the sun to enter and reduces the need for artificial heating. Conversely, a window with a lower SHGC rating during warmer months can help keep excess heat out.

Professional Guidance

Choosing the best SHGC rating for your replacement windows isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation. Other factors like home layout, window size, shading and insulation should be considered.

With the local weather in mind and energy efficiency and home comfort as your goals, it’s always wise to consult a window replacement specialist. They can provide a proper assessment of your location, the weather in your area, and your home’s needs and recommend the proper SHGC rating for your home.

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