How to Avoid Window Replacement Scams

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that scams exist in the window replacement business. Fortunately, scams can be avoided. Local window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® shares a quick guide to avoiding such scams.

Do Your Research

A little bit of foreknowledge can go a long way. Exercise due diligence and look up information that can help you with your project, from window styles and materials to the window replacement process itself. Not only will it help you make informed decisions and compare prices, it will also help you sense if someone is trying to run a scam.

Just as important is looking up a contractor’s credentials, beginning with license and insurance. The Washington State requires all construction contractors to register with the Department of Labor & Industries, as well as be bonded and insured. Also, look up customer feedback and call a prospective contractor’s references. They may sound tedious, but taking the time to do these things can help make sure that your money will go to a legitimate contractor.

Be Wary of High-Pressure Sales Tactics

One of the most common scams — perhaps even the oldest one in the book — is using aggressive sales pitches. By putting some pressure to sign the contract, a potential victim is more likely to skim the contract and accept problematic terms and conditions. Ideally, a legitimate window replacement company should give you time to review and revise a contract without resorting to tactics like “you’ll get this special discount if you sign now”.

Don’t Pick the Lowest Estimate

When comparing quotes from prospective contractors, take the time to actually compare them — don’t just zero in on the one with the lowest upfront cost. It’s fairly common for scammers to include low-quality materials, among other things, to come up with a low estimate. Keeping in mind that windows are an important part of your home’s exterior, you won’t want to cut corners; your home deserves the best.

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