How Do New Windows Make Your Home More Peaceful and Quiet?

Outside noises can cause more problems in the long run than people may think. You might find noise to be mildly annoying at the start, but it can get to the point where it can disrupt your daily routine if it keeps happening on a daily basis. Our experts recommend reducing noise transmission and getting new windows is a great way to get the job done. How exactly do replacement windows help? Read on to find out.

A Literal Sound Barrier

High-quality replacement windows have impact-resistant glass panes and a PVB interlayer. Because the interlayer is less dense than the glass, it dampens the vibrations that pass through the window’s surface. Compare this to windows that feature only glass panes, where vibrations can easily pass through a single dense layer. Because of this, the windows act as a barrier that muffles the noises coming from outside.

An Airtight Seal

Try to listen for noises when the window is open. You will notice that the noise sounds louder than when the window is closed. Window contractors say that a window’s sound-dampening properties are also affected by its airtight seal. This means that your new windows will have gaps where sound can pass through.

No Rattling Sounds

There are some times when the windows themselves are the cause of the problem. This is especially true for older windows with deteriorated frames because their sashes are more likely to come loose at the hinges over time. Switching to new windows with better-fitting sashes will help you prevent this kind of problem.

Properly Installed Windows

New replacement windows and replacement patio doors that are installed properly are also more effective at reducing noise levels. This is why we recommend having your new windows installed by certified window contractors. This also gives you the extra benefit of having your windows protected by product or service warranties.

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