Getting the Most Out of Kitchen Bay Windows

Bay windows are versatile additions to any kitchen and should be considered in your next window replacement project. Here are some ways you can get the most out of your kitchen bay windows:

Window Seats

Window seats are probably the most popular use for bay windows. A bay window in the kitchen provides a pleasing nook where you can install a comfortable window seat by a breakfast table.

There are many ways to configure your window seats. In addition to the popular fixed seats with bottom cabinets, you can also opt for ottoman-style removable seats. Pull-out seats are another great option, as they give you more flexibility with floor space.

Kitchen Banquette

A bay window that doubles as a kitchen banquette is great if you need a breakfast nook or a casual, yet intimate dinner table. Kitchen banquettes work well with either bay or bow windows and look best with a table that’s customized to perfectly fit in the area by the bay window.

Alternatively, you can have floor-to-ceiling custom bay windows built. Bay windows are basically combination windows, which means you can have one or two casement windows added to the mix for ventilation.

As custom replacement window builders, we can make any window combination that will fit your existing window opening. This includes building a deep floor-to-ceiling bay window that can accommodate a four- to six-person dinner table. Thanks to our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends and family without feeling uncomfortably warm due to all the sunlight.

Garden Window

Garden windows are basically small bay windows that are optimized for growing potted plants, with window sills that are typically level with the counter. If you’ve ever needed fresh basil, mint or parsley for a quick pasta dish, or a nice garden salad, a small kitchen garden would be extremely handy. Herbs typically require lots of sunlight, and garden windows are the best spot to place them.

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