Foggy Windows: Causes and Tips to Deal With It

Have you ever wondered why your windows tend to fog up, especially during certain times of the year? It’s not just a random occurrence — it’s a result of certain factors that contribute to condensation forming on the surfaces of your windows. Renewal by Andersen®, the top provider of high-quality double-hung and casement windows, explains more below.

What Is Window Fogging?

Window fogging is when your windows get covered in condensation, making them look foggy and blurred. It happens when warm, moist air comes into contact with a colder surface, such as your window pane. This can lead to water vapor condensing into tiny water droplets.

What Causes Window Fogging?

Understanding temperature differences is key to grasping why window fogging occurs. When the interior temperature is significantly higher than the exterior, it can cause moisture in the air to condense on your windows. The higher the humidity inside your home, the greater the chances of your windows fogging.

Window insulation also plays a role. Poorly insulated windows can’t effectively prevent the transfer of heat, causing a more pronounced temperature difference between the interior and exterior surfaces of the window, which is a perfect recipe for fogging.

How to Deal With Window Fogging

You can’t completely get rid of window condensation, but there are ways you can minimize it as much as possible. Open your windows for just a few minutes to air out your home. To lower excess indoor humidity levels, make sure to turn the exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom on, especially when cooking or taking a shower. You may also consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Is Window Replacement Necessary?

Fogging on the interior or exterior of your windows can be wiped away, but when the water droplets appear in between the glass panes, you must take action immediately. It’s usually a sign that the window seals have failed, and in this instance, there’s no other recourse than to tackle window replacement.

Get New High-Quality Windows

At Renewal by Andersen, we offer high-quality and high-performance double-hung, casement, sliding, bow and bay windows. These replacement windows have exceptional insulation properties and thermal performance, keeping your home comfortable without relying too much on your HVAC system. This results in lower energy consumption, which reflects on your utility bills.

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