Better Doors for Better Energy Efficiency

The great thing about doors is that there are so many options available—beyond just “it opens and closes”—that add value to the purchase. Of these, perhaps the most important and appealing would be energy efficiency. That’s because an energy efficient door will save you money. If you’re interested in an investment that essentially pays for itself over time and looks good as well, a new door is the answer.

Energy Efficient Replacement Doors

How can a door replacement for your home can save you money? Our door frames are made from Fibrex®. This is a great material because it combines the best of two materials. On the one hand, it has the beauty of wood that makes it elegant and very classy. On the other hand, it has the strength and durability of vinyl. Over all, the composition is very resistant to heat transfer. So across its surface, heat is never lost.

Overall, this means that your climate control systems at home don’t have to exert too much effort to heat or cool your home. When your home’s system doesn’t have to work so hard to provide the same service, you save money!

Replacement Door Choices

We’ve already covered the amazing energy efficiency benefits of our doors, but one other great thing about Renewal by Andersen is that our door replacement options also look great. We carry quality sliding patio doors and even hinged patio doors that look really great. In terms of aesthetics, these doors also create great spaces for entertaining and socializing—because of the light they allow into your home.

At Renewal by Andersen, we have years of experience providing the region with quality windows and doors. We not only guarantee that these will look good, but will also prove to be a good value for your money. So give us a call today and we’ll schedule your free estimate.

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