A Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Window Maintenance

Keeping your windows well-maintained will save you from having to worry about sudden replacements. It will also give you peace of mind that your windows work well and are able to provide you with guaranteed protection.

Here, we outline some top window maintenance tips for the fall season.

Invest in Multiple Layers of Insulation 

During this season, it’s important to ensure adequate insulation for a more comfortable temperature indoors. You can use heavy curtains, thick blinds and insulating glass. By adding multiple layers of insulation to your window, you can keep drafts out, lock in warmth and reduce your heating bills as the weather gets colder.

Fix Defective Door Hardware

Windows that don’t operate properly can be a problem throughout the fall season. Make sure to check each window for faulty hinges, handles and locks. This way, you can avoid drafty windows, improve security and ensure proper ventilation, especially when you start turning your central heating back on.

Remove Mold

Mold does not only affect your window’s appearance, but it also decreases your indoor air quality. To ensure you’re breathing in clean indoor air, mold should be eliminated safely and effectively from your windows. You can prevent mold growth and its recurrence by removing moisture from your windows regularly, keeping furniture away from windows and improving ventilation.

Use the Right Cleaning Products and Techniques

When cleaning your windows, make sure to use the correct products, and apply the proper procedures. For example, scouring pads may seem like a good cleaning material, but they can actually break up the window seals. They can also damage your double-glazing and window frames.

When it comes to professional window maintenance, Renewal by Andersen® is your top local choice. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with superior window solutions. To schedule a consultation, call us at (206) 775-7533, or fill out our contact form.

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