4 Reasons Winter Is Perfect for Replacing Your Windows

Winter can be an ideal time to replace your windows. With mild temperatures, decreased precipitation, and a host of other benefits, it is no wonder that window replacement projects are seeing a rise during this season. Here are four reasons why winter may be the best time to invest in replacement windows for your home.

1. Lower Risk of Storm Damage

Winter is a great time to replace your windows because there is less risk of damage from inclement weather. During the spring and summer months, it is not uncommon for severe weather to roll in and cause damage to ongoing projects. But these types of storms are rarer during winter, which means your window replacement project can proceed without any unexpected delays.

2. Lower Prices on Materials and Labor

One of the biggest advantages of replacing your windows in the winter is that materials and labor are often less expensive. During peak season, window contractors may be booked up months in advance while prices for both materials and installation can be higher than at other times of the year. In winter, however, you may get better deals in terms of pricing.

3. Lower Humidity

Another advantage of replacing your windows in winter is the low humidity. High humidity can cause paint and other materials to bubble, crack or peel, which can be unsightly and expensive to fix. During winter months, however, there is usually less moisture in the air, making it easier for paints and sealants to adhere properly and last longer.

4. More Flexible Scheduling

In addition to potentially lower prices, winter is also a great time for getting windows because contractors are often more available and flexible with their scheduling during this time of year. In the warmer months, window installation teams tend to be busy and may not have room in their schedule for your project. But during winter, when business tends to slow down a bit, you’ll likely find contractors who’ll take up your project right away and find an opening in their calendar.

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