4 Common Window Replacement Myths, Debunked

Myths and misconceptions in the building industry are not entirely harmless. The wrong piece of information can discourage a homeowner from investing in the replacement windows that their home deserves. Read on as the replacement window contractors at Renewal by Andersen® debunk some of the most common window replacement myths.

  1. “Replacement windows are too expensive.” It’s no secret that home improvements, including window replacement, can have a significant upfront cost. However, it helps to think of the long-term benefits of quality replacement windows. They can help save on heating and cooling costs, make your home more comfortable, and raise your home’s value.
  2. “All replacement windows are the same.” While it is true that there are only a handful of window styles to choose from, there is a wide variety of options — materials, styles and features — that can make truly unique windows possible. We at Renewal by Andersen take replacement windows up a notch with our customization options, as well as exclusive materials like Fibrex®.
  3. “I can save money with DIY window replacement.” DIYers on TV and social media make the process look easy and cost-effective. However, there’s the matter of construction skills and equipment, as well as the capability to source materials. There’s also the matter of cleaning up after the work is done. Let’s not forget that if you make a mistake, accidentally damage parts of your home, or get in a mishap, you will have to shoulder the associated costs. Leaving window installation to the pros is more than just convenient: it’s safer, more reliable and can actually save you money.
  4. “Window replacement is disruptive.” This can’t be further from the truth. Window replacement is far less disruptive compared to projects like kitchen remodeling or roof installation. Our replacement process involves working on one room at a time. This keeps air leaks to a minimum and allows the occupants to use other parts of the house during installation — no need to evacuate the house during the entire process. We even clean up after ourselves and dispose of the old windows.

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