3 Reasons to Replace Sliding Glass Doors with French Doors

More and more residential owners are choosing to swap out old sliding patio doors with new and beautiful French doors. Once accomplished, the upgrade from heavy and outdated sliding doors to energy-efficient French doors is one of the best improvements you can do for your home. A window replacement expert shares a few reasons why.

1. Function

A critical advantage of French doors is they allow you to gain a large open space for moving furniture and other substantial items in and out of the home. In general, a 6″ sliding glass door will only allow you a maximum of 3″ open space, while a French door with the same width will allow you the entire 6″ of open space. Another thing to consider is that sliding doors are heavier and function on rollers that often wear out quickly.

2. Safety

A hinged, swinging French door is safer than a regular sliding glass door. Sliding doors operate on tracks and rollers and can easily be razed from the outside by an intruder using standard tools. French doors that swing out, on the other hand, are incredibly difficult to pry open since they usually have a three-point locking mechanism. The glass on French doors is also significantly thicker as compared to the glass on sliding doors.

Keep in mind that installing French doors, similar to installing bay windows, is a remodeling task that requires a specific set of skills in order to complete in a timely and efficient manner. It is important to hire a professional to properly install your French doors.

3. Energy Efficiency

A French door replacement can do a lot of good for your monthly utility bills. French doors that are built with a high-performing frame material and low-E glass show impressive energy efficiency and superior insulation. In fact, the solar heat transmission of these French doors is nearly four times better than an average sliding glass door unit.

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